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  Phosphate Coating; Light


Specification covers cleaning methods and pre-treatment processes. 

Type I: Intended as a general all-purpose pretreatment prior to painting. 

Type II and IV: Intended primarily for use where metal parts are to be formed after painting. 

Type III: Intended for use where size and shape preclude using type I, II or IV and where items containing mixed metal components are assembled prior to treatment. 

Note: Cleaning material shall not contain any chemical which is classified in the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 as a Class I or Class II ozone depleting substance. 

Light coating for use as a paint base. 

Cleaning methods:

Method I: Mechanical or abrasive cleaning (for ferrous surfaces only). 

Method II: Solvent cleaning. 

Method III: Hot Alkaline (for ferrous surfaces only). 

Method IV: Emulsion. 

Method V: Alkaline derusting (for ferrous surfaces only). 

Method VI: Phosphoric acid. 

Type I: Zinc phosphate. Class 1 - spray application (150mg/sq. ft. min. - 500mg/sq. ft. max). Class 2A - Immersion or Dip application (300mg/sq. ft. min/500mg/sq. ft. max). Class 2B - Immersion or Dip application (600mg/sq. ft. min to 1000mg/sq. ft. max.). 

Type II: Aqueous Iron Phosphate (35mg/sq. ft. min.) 

Type III:  (.0003-.0005") Organic pretreatment coating (unless otherwise specified, MIL-C-8514 of DOD-P-15328). 

Type IV: Non-aqueous iron phosphate. (35mg/sq. ft. min.) 

Type V: Zinc phosphate (500mg/sq. ft. min. - 1100mg/sq. ft. max.). 


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