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  Phosphate Coating; Heavy


A coating for medium and low alloy steels. Gray to black in color. Intended uses: 
The "heavy" phosphate coatings covered by this specification are intended as a base for holding/retaining supplemental coatings which provide the major portion of the corrosion resistance. 
"Light" phosphate coatings used for a paint base are covered by other specifications such as TT-C-490. Heavy zinc phosphate coatings may be used when paint and supplemental oil coatings are required on various parts or assemblies. 
Heavy coating (.0002-.0004" thickness) is for corrosion and wear resistance. 

Type M: Manganese phosphate base coating (min. 16g/m² or 11g/m when specified). 
Class 1: Supplementary preservative treatment or coating, as specified. 
Class 2: Supplementary treatment with lubricating oil conforming to MIL-L-3150. 
Class 3: No supplementary treatment. 
Class 4: Chemically converted (may be dyed to color as specified). With no supplementary coating or supplementary coating as specified. 

Type Z: Zinc phosphate base coating, (min 11g/m). 
Class 1: Supplementary preservative treatment or coating as specified. 
Class 2: Supplementary treatment with preservative conforming to 
MIL-C-16173. Grade 3 or MIL-L-3150 as alternative for very small parts. 
Class 3: No supplementary treatment 
Class 4: Same as class above. 

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