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Precious metals commonly used in electroplating and surface finishing operations include gold, silver, indium, ruthenium, palladium and      rhodium. Factors that influence the selection of precious metals are their contact characteristics, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, reflectivity, solderability, color and wear resistance.
Palladium is an excellent hard "white gray" finish that is increasingly being utilized as a replacement for nickel undercoatings in the jewelry and watch industry. Often mistaken for "white gold", palladium finishes are characterized by high tarnish resistance and can be used as an alternative to rhodium when costs are a prime consideration.




[MIL-P-45209B] [ASTM B 679]

Palladium plating provides an alternative to gold plating on connectors and circuit boards. The deposits exhibitit lower porosity, better ductility, and superior resistance to corrosion than hard gold. When plated with a flash of soft gold, it also demonstrates good  solderability. Has a gray to bright deposit depending on the process used.
Minimum thickness shall be .000050" unless otherwise specified. A gray, dense deposit, good for undercoats. Good wear characteristics, corrosion resistance and catalytic properties. Good conductivity. Steel springs and other steel parts subject to flexure or repeated impact and of hardness greater than Rc 40 shall be baked at 375° F ± 25° for 3 hours minimum after plating. 


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