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The plated metal is copper in color; and can be deposited matte to very bright . Copper has good corrosion resistance when used as an undercoat. A number of copper processes are available, each designed for a specific purpose; 

Bright (to eliminate the need for buffing). 
High speed (for electroforming). 
Fine grain (to prevent casehardening).

All steel parts having a hardness of Rockwell C35 and higher shall be baked at 375°F±25F° for 24 hours within 4 hours after plating to provide hydrogen embrittlement relief. Plated springs and other parts subject to flexure should not be flexed prior to baking operations. 

Class 0: (Unless otherwise specified .001-.005") For heat treatment stop-off. 
Class 1: (.001" minimum thickness) For carburizing and decarburizing shield, also plated through printed circuit boards. 
Class 2: (.0005" minimum thickness) As an undercoat for nickel and other plating. 
Class 3: (.0002" minimum thickness) To prevent basis metal migration into tin (prevents poisoning of solderability). 
Class 4: (.0001" minimum thickness). 

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