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 Anodize Type II ( Sulfuric) 
Anodizing is a conversion of the aluminum surface to practically pure aluminum oxide: the anodic coating (a true ceramic). Type  II is of particular interest to the designer wishing to extol both the virtues of form and function. Allowing for radiant colors; full coverage; full coverage.
This anodic coating is significantly more abrasion and corrosion resistant then the untreated metal. The coating thickness is a approximately, .0002" penetration and .0002" build-up. This coating may be subsequently dyed in a variety of colors, imparting a very decorative finish both in a satin and a polished surface result.  Limitations to these virtues vary according to the alloy and fab method. The casting alloys being the most difficult to work with.
Q: Can anodic coatings be stripped off?
A: Yes. With some loss of base metal. Critical     surfaces may be masked during stripping.

Q. Can assemblies of aluminum and other metals be anodized together.
A. Yes. In most cases the non aluminum part will be etched significantly.

Q. Is Type II anodizing the same as Hard Anodizing.
A. No! Hard Anodizing is Type III. It is a significantly harder and thicker coating.

Q. Can my aluminum firearm receiver be anodized?
A. Absolutely! Most aluminum receivers are anodized at the factory and can be stripped and re-anodized when showing signs of wear.

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