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When TechPlate, Inc. (TechPlate) is given detailed instructions as to the processes and/or treatment to be performed, TechPlate’s responsibility shall be limited to carrying out those instructions.  Type of material, tolerances, and specifications for processing and/or treatment shall be declared in writing prior to TechPlate’s processing, and shall specify all processes (including required preparation) which you required TechPlate to perform.

TechPlate’s maximum liability for any cause is limited to direct labor and material cost of the parts and/or material directly damaged by TechPlate’s processing or three (3) times TechPlate’s processing charges for such parts and/or material, whichever is less.  Charges for TechPlate’s services are based on this limitation of liability.  TechPlate will assume additional liability only if it specifically agrees to such additional liability in writing, in which case a higher charge may be made for TechPlate’s services.

Parts and/or material processed by TechPlate shall be presumed to be accepted as satisfactory by you if TechPlate is not notified of damages, shortages, or other discrepancies within ten (10) working days of our receipt of such parts and/or material.  Rejected parts and/or material must be returned to TechPlate for rework.  Further processing or assembly of rejected parts and/or material by you or any other party shall constitute a waiver of any liability TechPlate’s part.

Where operations or processes performed by TechPlate are in the nature of “salvaging” parts and/or material, the work will be performed on a “best effort” bases and no liability shall attach to TechPlate unless it has previously agreed to such liability in writing prior to beginning the job.

TechPlate is not responsible for the results of metal finishing operations that are unsatisfactory due to metal imperfections, changes in grade or composition of material, manufacturing and/or fabrication imperfections, usages for which the plating or other finishing operation was not reasonably designed, and similar variables over which TechPlate has no control.  In such cases, you remain responsible to pay the contracted price for the finishing operations performed by TechPlate.

In the event any legal action must be undertaken to enforce the contract between Buyer and Seller, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees, expenses, and court costs incurred.

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Tooling Finishes Firearms Glossary Dura-Plate
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